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Eleanor Leedham examines the UK’s opt-out class action regime

September 9, 2022 by CORLA

Eleanor Leedham reports on lessons learned from Mr Merricks’ multi-billion-pound action against Mastercard: what could this mean for other collective proceedings?

In March this year, the United Kingdom’s Competition Appeal Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) determined that around 3 million deceased persons are automatically part of a class of 46 million on whose behalf Mr. Walter Merricks, former head of the Financial Ombudsmen Service, is claiming paid higher prices because of excessive fees charged by MasterCard.  Each member of the class could potentially receive around £300, should Mr. Merricks succeed in the proceedings.

This article was written by Eleanor Leedham, Senior Associate at CORLA Founder Firm Keller Postman and published in New Law Journal on 20 May 2022. To read more, please see here.

Published on September 9, 2022 by CORLA

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