CORLA has three tiers of membership available to new joiners:

1. Corporate Members – in order to be eligible to join, your law firm must:

  • Be regulated by the SRA, the Law Society of Scotland, or the Law Society of Ireland;
  • Derive a significant proportion of its business from acting for claimants in group actions or collective redress proceedings; and
  • Agree to CORLA’s aims and objectives.

2. Individual Members – this membership category is open to:

  • Qualified solicitors, barristers, European lawyers, or foreign lawyers who derive a significant proportion of their business from acting for claimants in group actions or collective redress proceedings.
  • Experts or other service providers who regularly work with lawyers involved in group litigation and collective redress proceedings.
  • Academics or writers with a significant and demonstrable research interest in group litigation and collective proceedings.

3. Associate Members – this membership category is open to any corporate entity which works with people or entities that would qualify for Corporate or Individual Membership.


Subscription rates for 2024 are:

  • £1,500 per annum for Corporate Members,
  • £100 per annum for Individual Members, and
  • £1,250 per annum for Associate Members.

No more than four Individual Members can come from the same corporate body / firm / entity. Corporate Members will be asked to nominate five individuals who will act as members of the Association but all employees of that firm are permitted to attend CORLA events / join Sub-Committees / provide feedback on submissions whenever possible. Associate Members are unable to vote in CORLA General Meetings.

Membership is annual, and runs from January – December each year.

Once you have completed the Membership Application, your application will be considered by the Membership Sub Committee against the selection criteria as agreed by the CORLA Committee.  If your application to become a member of CORLA is accepted, you will be notified as soon as possible and asked to pay the prescribed subscription fee. Payment of the subscription must be made within 28 days of notification by the Membership Sub Committee, otherwise your application will lapse and you will need to make a further application.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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