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How we’ll take Iran to court for crimes against women

May 23, 2023 by CORLA

The people of Iran must know that someone out there is documenting their plight and bringing it, in all its harrowing detail, to the international stage.

It’s rarely easy to discuss politics calmly as a British lawyer. It’s even harder as a child of Iranian immigrants.

The news from Iran over the last few months has been alarming. Over 15,000 protesters – calling for more basic freedoms for women – have been arrested, and security forces are estimated to have killed at least 537 people. State-directed torture and sexual abuse has become routine. Meanwhile, schoolgirls across the country face horrifying chemical attacks without much support from the government.


For the full article written by Alicia Alinia, Chief Operating Officer at CORLA Founder Firm Pogust Goodhead and published on 19th April 2023 by, please click here.

Published on May 23, 2023 by CORLA

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